I loved the pastry course. With 6 people in a class your learning experience is invaluable. My family couldn't believe the wonderful things I brought home each day. Nicolette is warm and friendly and always nearby to advise and encourage. I can't wait to do the bread and the cakes course !

/  Claire Richards  /


I really enjoyed it. Once I’m here, I don't want to go back home. I don't get tired working with Nicolette. For you to believe me come and try it as well.I can't wait for my next course .God bless you.

/  ADeline Kana  /


After, completing her courses at La Petite Patisserie, Morgan took some time to reflect which direction she wanted to work in.  She started her own small home business baking cakes for the local community which turned out to be quite the success.  Living and working in London today, she absolutely loves her job and the people she works with.  Your courses gave Morgan the boost she needed to go forward with her studies and to ultimately end up with a brilliant career ahead of her.  

/  Helen Dieter (Morgan Williams)  /


It was really a big blessing to be in your class. You left a trace in my life that will never disappear. You made me a baker, were always positive, showing us we can and now we have made it. Above all, you showed us love and the love of God. I want to say thank you!

/  Yvette Alimasi  /


Her in depth knowledge of food is amazing and I loved the way shared it with her students. She is very passionate about what she does and is an exceptional baker!

/  SHaron Hendricks  /