{Lucky in green} salad

I learned so much more prepping vegetables than I ever did in cooking school.
— David Chang

I agree wholeheartedly with David Chang here. Since we’ve been in the Netherlands, we’ve learned to appreciate and prep fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. I am so grateful for this. Not only because my body just accepts greens better than any other food group, but our groceries bill dropped by half versus what we’ve spent in South Africa.

We are spoiled here in Holland with fresh fruit markets every Wednesday. Fish and meat sold on the market on Saturdays. Never will we have another excuse not to buy fresh.

What I am pretty much impressed by, was how easily it is to find cannon leaves. Always ready to be used in a salad. See below what the benefits holds.

They help digestion, can significantly reduce kidney problems. Therefore the canons are diuretics .

  1. They contribute to the purification of the blood, they allow to make an optimal cleaning of the blood.

  2. They optimize the sense of vision in general, they can treat problems that are developing or preventing.

  3. It can contribute to the treatment of anemia due to its iron content, it is good for people with any disease related to this deficiency.

  4. Contributes to the strengthening of teeth, hair, bones, teeth and nails; this is due to the presence of calcium among its properties.

  5. Contributes to the reduction of nerves, stress, anxiety and other bad related to the central nervous system.

Another great find for me was Pine nuts. I saw a great read here on their nutritional content as well as some “embarrassingly obvious truths about where pine nuts come from”.

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Ingredients for this lovely green salad:

Rocket leaves

Canon leaves / other lettuce (I chose canon/ field salad which is a good source of Vitamin C , the serving of 150 grams of canons can satisfy 88% of the body's needs for this vitamin per day! It also provide 1,8% protein, low in fat and calories)

Pine nuts ( High in fat - 68g per 100g, carbohydrate - 13g, protein - 14g, magnesium, potassium, iron also present)

Green beans, sliced

Cucumber cubes


Mozzarella Cheese, sliced (optional)

Herbs - Fresh thyme


Ingredients for dressing:

Olive oil

Lemon juice

Black pepper and salt