Breakfast with smoky aubergine and boiled egg

Need an alternative to a traditional meat- or bread-filled breakfast? I am so happy with a higher protein, low fat option as personally, I cannot stomach meat in the mornings. Traditionally, boiled eggs are served with toasted bread sticks or grilled bacon called egg and soldiers ;).

I found this vegetable to grill and pan-sear wonderfully and also tastes great with egg! You’ll see that I’ve added cayenne pepper (that has metabolism-boosting properties), great for early morning! Then spices such as turmeric (antioxidants), black pepper and salt to taste.

Enjoy your meat- and bread- free breakfast this week!

Breakfast with smoky aubergine and boiled egg

To boil an egg, some might say there is a distinct science behind this. As proteins coagulate quite fast during heating, boiling an egg, needs just enough time between a time span of 5 - 9 minutes to make a difference on appearance.

I like my eggs semi-hard boiled, not runny at all, so here is a list of minutes of cooking vs. doneness of the egg.

>4 minutes = Runny (perfect for eggs & soldiers)

5-6 minutes = Soft, still runny centre of yolk (egg white appears to be solid)

6-7 minutes = Egg whites are firm, yolk firming up and still bright yellow of colour

7-8 minutes = Egg yolk is becoming hard, can be cut into slices. Bright colour.

8-10 minutes = Egg yolk becomes dry, crumbly and starts to contract away from the egg white. Light yellow in colour.


Boil the water first, as this allows the egg shell to peal easily afterwards. Then add eggs one by one. Never boil more than four in a pot of water.

To the peal the egg shell, remove them from warm water. Place them in a bowl with cold tap water. Gently tap each on a hard surface to crack the shell. Lastly remove the film just under the egg shell all at once. Easy peal!

I’ve noticed that when I had them in cold water on the stove first, it made it nearly impossible to remove the egg shells afterwards without damaging the egg white.

Boiled egg

Boiled egg

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 7 - 10 minutes


1 Aubergine / eggplant / brinjal, sliced

30ml Olive oil

Cayenne Pepper


Course black pepper

Course sea salt

2 Eggs


1. Prepare a pan with olive oil, ensure it is hot.

2. Prepare a pot with water. It should come to a rolling boil.

3. Add the eggs and begin timing to the doneness required. (See a timetable explained above).

4. Add the pieces of aubergine to the hot oil, spice with cayenne pepper, turmeric, black pepper and salt. All to taste!

5. Fry the aubergine for 2 minutes on each side and place on a plate.

6. Remove the eggs from hot water. Run under cold water. Crack the egg’s shell and remove the shell. Season accordingly.

Breakfast with smoky aubergine and boiled egg