Berry Coconut Smoothie bowl

Love a smoothie bowl? Feel energetic and revived by having one of these first thing in the morning!

Berries Are Loaded With Antioxidants and may also improve Blood Sugar and Insulin Response. It is high in fiber, nutrients, naturally sweet so can always be used as a taste enhancer. It also lowers cholesterol levels. Coconut milk on the other hand, stimulate weight loss and lowers cholesterol.

Now that sounds great! As always, feel free to add a few other ingredients to the mix. With this bowl, I have oats, almond flakes, berries (not blueberries) and dried strawberries on top.

Berry Coconut Smoothie


125ml Coconut milk

250ml Unflavoured and unsweetened yogurt

1 Large frozen banana

150g Red berries / Strawberries / Raspberries (leave some for decoration)

1 tsp Vanilla essence

Muesli / Oats to decorate

Almond flakes to decorate


1. First ensure the banana is frozen, without the skin otherwise it is difficult to remove afterwards. Berries can also be frozen beforehand. I’ve used mine cold.

2. Add to the blender, coconut milk, yogurt, banana, berries and vanilla essence. Blend till smooth.

3. Decorate the bowl with oats / muesli and almond flakes.

Berry Coconut Smoothie bowl