Hollandse Poffertjes

Being new in the Netherlands has given me the opportunity to “test” out a few new and flavourful recipes that is true to begin dutch in Europe. One of them is poffertjes (or direct translated to puffies, puffed up small pancakes).

The recipe is similar to pancakes except it has yeast in, and need an hour or so to rest. So remember to work that into your prep time. Yeast reacts with the sugar and water in the batter allowing Carbon Dioxide, a gas, to form that gives small tiny bubbles in the batter. As it travels to the surface during baking, it causes the batter to expand, therefore gives you the “puffiness’ you want in the product.

I have a heart shaped moulded poffertje pan, a round one is traditional but if you don’t have one, scoop out tablespoon dollops of batter into a prepared pan and they will come out like small flapjacks, only puffier! :)

Present the warm poffertjes with dusted powdered sugar and a dollop of pure butter on top!

Hollandse poffertjes

Preparation time: 1 Hour 10 minutes

Cooking time: 5 minutes

Servings: 20


1 1/2 cup milk (375ml)

2 tbsp sugar

1 Egg

7g yeast (1 tsp)

250g cake flour (patent bloem)

1 tsp salt

oil for frying

powdered sugar for dusting

fresh butter, cubed


1. Add the milk, sugar, egg and yeast together in a bowl. Cover with a cloth and allow to stand until bubbles form around 10 minutes.

2. Sift flour and salt over the mixture. Combine well by whisking until smooth.

3. Cover with a cloth and allow to stand for 1 hour. The batter will be runny but start to double in volume.

4. Heat a saucepan / poffertje pan, brush with oil.

5. Use a batter dispenser or piping bag to pipe the same amount of batter into the moulds.

6. After 2 minutes, turn the poffertje around and fry on the other side. It should “puff” up and be ready to remove.

7. Present on a plate, dusted with powdered sugar and fresh butter.

Liefde poffertjes.jpg