Matcha Banana Smoothie

High in antioxidants, naturally sweet with no added sugar. This banana, soya, pistachio and green tea infused breakfast smoothie will give you the boost you need in the morning!

Matcha powder is green tea in a dry powder form which is loaded with additional benefits besides being a powerful antioxidant. It also boosts metabolism and burns calories, provides vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium. I’ve read up on it on this article and were quite surprised myself. Let’s add some to other recipes! You can find matcha power mostly at your local Asian supermarket.

Matcha Banana Smoothie.jpg


1/2 cup 0% Fat plain yogurt / Kwark

1 cup Almond / Soya milk

2 Ripe frozen bananas

1/2 cup Spinach leaves

1/2 tsp Matcha powder

1 tsp Vanilla extract


Pistachio (unsalted)

Mint leaves

Oats / Muesli

  1. If possible, freeze the banana and spinach beforehand.

  2. Blend all the ingredients together in a blender / with a blender stick.

  3. Serve cold.

Matcha Banana Smoothie