Daily Detox - Fruit infused water

I always knew about this trick. Infusing my water with fruit so that it tastes better, or if I feel I need motivation to drink more of it to stay hydrated when it is summer. My six year actually came up with this idea by himself for his water bottle as he struggles to sip on water during the day.

I felt silly not suggesting this to him earlier but anyhoo. This is what we came up with and now we stock up on water every day.

The best thing is, you can use any fruit that is seasonal or that you have in your kitchen. Some gives off more flavour than others, but you will find that out for yourself.

We did a combination of a few fruit WITH green tea bags. Cucumber, lemon, blueberries, orange and mint leaves can be used as a detox drink as well.

It is Friday today right ? Don’t wait for Monday to start detoxing. This can be a daily detox on it’s own.

Fruit infused water has all kind of benefits. It is a natural detox agent, it helps with weight loss and perfect for staying hydrated all day!

Fruit infused water


1 Lemon

1/2 Lemon

50g Blueberries

2 Bags Green tea

1/2 Cucumber

Mint leaves

2 L water


Cut the fruit into slices, add the teabags to water and ice.

Leave to infuse overnight in the fridge.

Remove the teabags from the water next morning and enjoy the water.