Blueberry Unsweetened Smoothie

Blueberry Smoothie

Makes: 500ml


250ml Soja milk

250ml French Kwark (Light Cottage Cheese / Yogurt)

mint leaves

250g Blueberries


Add everything to a blender and blend until smooth. Don’t add sugar or any other sweeteners.

Drink fresh or use within 2 days of storing in the refrigerator.


Let’s start this year right by making a fruit smoothie every Friday morning. I’ve chosen 0% fat French Kwark, which is equivalent to a Cottage cheese but lower in fat. I also used Soya milk, mint leaves and a lot of blueberries.

Such an easy way to have a full breakfast before leaving the house. Or sip on it on your way to work. I have ready made ones in my fridge at all times!

Below you will find the ingredients I used and could find in my local supermarkets but follow the recipe below as a guideline, as any milk, yogurt and fruit mix will work.

Have fun!

AH Soja Drink en Franse Kwark.jpg