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The short story: I moved to the Netherlands recently from South Africa. Closed down my beloved Baking School, La Petite Patisserie in Cape Town South Africa after operating for 8 years. I am a qualified Foodservice Manager and Nutritionist that believes in thorough training and understanding of food for everyone. I’ve written training material that is easy to understand and through this page, will be sharing recipes, tutorials and baking ideas.

I present training on-site at your location in English. Food Photography and styling of baked items are always part of my service so be sure to have some lovely photos of your work afterwards!

My passion is summed up in teaching, photography and creating beautiful food.

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The longer story.

I grew up in Pretoria, South Africa. When I finished my studies in 2000, it took some determination to work fulltime in the food industry. What I wanted to do for a living needed a lot more experience which I knew will only come with age. What I was really interested in though, was the studies of Food science, Nutrition and Microbiology. Even more so, why people had different food choices and ideas around eating. I loved speaking to my fellow colleagues and later on my students about their remembrances of food while growing up.

I worked a few years for companies such as Unifoods and Hudson and Knight as Brand Development Consultant. We looked after our Brand by visiting stores, identifying training needs and came up with solutions. Also as Foodservice Manager at a Conference centre and another year or so in a Hospital. When the retail group, Woolworths appointed me in 2005, I became a Store Admin Manager, looking after the training aspect of the business as well. This got me up and out of bed in the morning. I planned training sessions for my staff about Health and Safety in the workplace. How to treat food in their cooked and raw state and lots more. I knew then what I enjoyed most about the Food Industry.... Training!

In 2010 my Husband and myself decided to move to Cape Town. I didn’t apply at any companies at that stage and felt it would be an ideal time to start my own Company. At first with selling wedding cakes. La Petite Patisserie was founded that same year.

While working in the wedding cake industry I enjoyed the Pastry section of industry more. It’s creative, innovative and I get to mingle with people which I enjoyed so much. In 2012, I was chosen by The Discovery Channel, TLC to participate as a contestant on the “Who is the Cake Boss” show. It was held in Cape Town, and I was 28 weeks pregnant might I add :). I was approached to do training and presented a few demos on DSTV as well.

It was during this time, that I discovered that I need to create a space for others to come and learn the art of Cake Decorating and Baking. At first we made space in our small home. When our baby started growing up, and the day when a supplier truck delivering goods could not fit in our drive way, was when I saw the need to rent a kitchen.

For two years we were based in Table View, Cape Town inside a small test kitchen. The Academy grew to full capacity and again I was looking for a space to teach. We moved and opened up in Montague Gardens, Cape Town.

I loved my kitchen space and classroom. During the last five years it was a space where we got to meet people from all over the world. Per month, we had 50% International Student enrollments and 2 visitors or so from other provinces. They brought different views and cultural history to our class, I learned a lot!

I wrote courses in Bread Baking, French Pastries, Meringues, Cake Decorating and Cake baking which was presented to around 1050 students in just under 8 years. Most of them now own their own home bakeries, work in the industry or contribute to the baking field.

We recently moved to The Netherlands, whereby this website will act as a “base” for all our recipes, ideas and training. In 2019, we plan to have online classes available in which I can assist with learning.

In the meantime, please contact me for private training sessions at your premises, order one of my books or keep subscribed to the the blog for some cooking and baking ideas.

I cannot stress how important it is for me to educate the public in the fundamentals of baking, healthy eating habits and safety in the workplace. Now everyone would be able to read a recipe, understand how baking works and be able to create their own recipes. LEARN | CREATE | ENJOY!

Lastly remember that people have dreams, but God has a vision for you. Without vision, we would perish, not being able to ever understand what is expected of us here on earth. (Prov. 29:18) Find your purpose in life, live your dream and pray that God will also open the heavens to you with blessings on your life.


Creating beautiful food is one thing, but understanding food fundamentals should be key.

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